Rig 1 is an American Augers track mounted rig with 80,000 lbs of push/pull force and 13,500lbs of rotary torque. The Mud system was custom built by Precise for the cold weather climate in Canada. It consists of a 400 GPM mud pump with a 13m3 tank. There is also a backup mud pump on the rig capable of pumping 200 GPM. The cleaning system consists of a 400 GPM Shale Shaker and 5 desilting cones. The 280 KzVA Generator is also big enough to run a centrifuge if the job requires. The rig also has a 100 barrel water truck that comes with it. This rig is capable of completing crossings in soft soil up to lengths of 1000 meters and pulling back a 220mm product pipe. On a rock job it is capable of completing crossings up to 500m and 325mm product pipe.


Rig 2 is an American Augers trailer mounted rig with 330,000 lbs of push/pull force and 50,000 ft. lbs. of rotary torque. The mud tanks are capable of storing 35 m3 of drilling mud and 35 m3 of fresh water. The Oilwell 600 mud pump is capable of pumping 2.5 m3 / min and the 2 Brandt shale shakers have a 3.5m3 / min. cleaning capacity. This rig is capable of completing crossings of 2000 meters of 406mm product pipe, 1000 meters of 610mm product line, or 500 meters in length and pulling back a 915mm product pipe.


At Precise, we have designed and patented a new wireline system which reduces costly connection times using torches, butt splices, soldier, heat shrinks, pipe spiders and costly wireline failures. Using our system all you do is screw together two plastic pipes which contains the wireline inside making the connection when the pipes are screwed together. The tube acts as a shield for the wire allowing for high pressure and flow rates around the wireline reducing the risk of a failure.


For fluid management purposes we typically will ream a hole from entry side toward exit side. To avoid rotating the drill pipe in compression we pull at the exit side with a winch. We have two winches. One has the capability of pulling 75 tons and is able to spool on 450 meters of cable. The other is an attachment for our 420 Caterpillar backhoe and has 15 tons of pull force and a drum capacity of 90 meters of cable. A major concern while doing a River Crossing has long been the safety of an exit side operation. The operation always has high risk for accidents as the driller who is operating the rig cannot see the people working on an exit side. The exit side winches eliminate the costly connection time and safety concerns of breaking every single pipe on an exit side with a hoe.


Another safety issue that has plagued the HDD industry has been the method in which the drill pipe is handled. Precise Crossings uses a pipe handler to load the pipe into the rig or onto the exit side string. With this method there is no requirement for any personal to be handling the pipe or even be near it.


Running the ParaTrac II (pressure enhanced) guidance system with annular pressure we monitor hole conditions as we drill to reduce the possibility of frac-outs or lost circulation. The ParaTrac II is the latest technology wireline guidance system that is able to track bit location at depths exceeding 200 meters. With this technologies we also have intersect capability.